god’s embrace is motherly
because he has fastened the man to the woman
the mother to the father
the inner to the outer.
he appears comfortable with his sexuality
because of this unity

a hermaphrodite flips over in the moonlight, lands flush against the grass,
and hugs all of us at once with a different side, same being

my pastor tells me that even in black and white
there is green vigor, green life, green sleep, green death
my mother tells me that faith grows like grass
when watered and kissed
(not overwatered, not overkissed)

green can also be gonorrhea, infection,
as well as the sun through tinted windows,
or the face (also a sun) while nauseous

green faces are still suns, your fevered body fighting off
millions of infections is green like watered and kissed grass.
faith is green but not because of the nausea

visions can be called schizophrenia or delirium tremens,
both of which are green and came from the bodies
that gave birth to us.

most prefer scientific authority, proof, the same materials
of rationality that give birth to wars, televised sexual atrocities, and
delocalized mass suicides

none of which are green
(even in black and white)
but are sought after like the dripping cock of a spectacular sodomy
by the parasites who know that visions are greener
than dollar signs